Michael-Edward Cruz
Southern California Realtor
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Real Estate Expert

A Reputation for Excellence

Satisfied Customers

  1. He is a very professional person in his business, proactive in every way in order to give the client the best results of the negotiation.Also he knows very well the area of Orang County, which is very helpful for the client in order to get the best deal when you are going to buy a home.
  2. Mike has helped me with my investment properties in advertising, showing, screening and finding the right tenant to fill my vacancies. He understands the market very well and has been very successful in finding good qualified tenants in a timely fashion with very little down time. I would recommend Mike to other prospective buyers, sellers and other investors alike.
  3. Michael was the key to putting my wife and I into our first home together. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful through every step of the home buying process from beginning to end. He was always available to answer the multitude of questions we had and took the time to make sure that we understood everything we signed. He took the stress out of buying a first home! We would highly recommend him to anyone considering buying their first, second, third, fourth, or fifth (get my point) home. Michael assembled the perfect team to meet the seller's fast paced schedule and was able to secure us closing credits during the process! What a negotiator! I think it's safe to say that my wife and I would still be looking for a home if it wasn't for Michael.
With Real estate bieng one of the biggest investments most people make, selecting the right broker for your real estate needs is one the most important choices you will ever make.   You need the right person with the confidence and experience to help navigate complex transations and get the job done right.  
Michael-Edward Cruz has been in business for over a decade and this website will outline why he is right choice to sell you home.